Why Attend a Career Fair?


Fri, Nov 28, 2014

With the job markets in constant flux, the time that you take to effectively secure the right position should be well used. What can you do to ensure that you effectively use your time and experience the maximum impact? Consider attending a career fair in your area. Why attend a career fair? There are many positive reasons to take the time to prepare for, and attend a career fair.

Networking with employers is crucial during a job fair. Employers are more likely to hire those that they would want to work with, so be friendly, professional, and polite.  In addition attending a career fair allows you to network with other job seekers who may know of companies that are hiring for individuals with your skill set. Attending a career fair will offer hands on practice for those looking to expand upon their ability to quickly build rapport with employers, and field interview questions without having time to prep.  However, preparing yourself with basic answers to the most obvious questions is important because you never know when an employer will like what they see on your resume and want to interview you on the spot.

Career fairs are a free resource for you to discover which employers are hiring and interested in your skill set in a cost effective, efficient manner. Free resources are hard to come by in this day and age, and some recruiting companies have even reverted back to charging job seekers a fee to find them a job instead of charging an employer.  Free events, especially those that provide learning opportunities such as a career fair, should be attended as frequently as possible until you land the right job.

Participating in a collective gathering with other job seekers, and multiple employers in the same room will allow you to discover several things that you can use to improve your chances of landing the job you truly desire. First, notice how others are dressed, and emulate those who you feel are gaining the most positive attention as they walk by booths. Second, watch the body language of the most successful networker in the room. Chances are that they will be standing up tall with relaxed arms and legs, and breathing deeply into their abdomen which makes them appear more confident.  Finally, see if you can catch a glimpse of the resumes that others are leaving with employers, especially those that employers seem to read over and over again.