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Las Vegas Career Fair

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Texas Station Casino & Hotel
2101 Texas Star Ln.
N. Las Vegas, NV 89130
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Career Fair Details

This event produced in conjunction with Las Vegas Jobs



Meet with these and many other great local employers!!!


Job Titles Available


  • Account Executive
  • Administrative
  • ADVERTISING: Account Managers (Sign Spinners)
  • ADVERTISING: Flyering
  • ADVERTISING: Marketing
  • ADVERTISING: Sign Spinners
  • BANKING: Call Center Collections
  • BANKING: Legal Clerical Specialist
  • BANKING: Teller
  • BPO: Customer Service Rep
  • CONTACT CENTER: Customer Service Representative
  • CONTACT CENTER: Director of Operations
  • Custodial
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Customer Support Representative
  • EDUCATION: Instructors
  • EDUCATION: Operators
  • General Helpers
  • Guest Room Attendant
  • HOSPITALITY: All Hospitality Positions
  • HOSPITALITY: Asst. Restaurant Manager
  • HOSPITALITY: Call Center Vacation Advisor
  • HOSPITALITY: Greeter - Marketing
  • HOSPITALITY: In-House Marketing
  • HOSPITALITY: Marketing Agent
  • HOSPITALITY: OPC - Marketing
  • HOSPITALITY: Sales Consultant
  • HOSPITALITY: Sales Support
  • HOSPITALITY: Sous Chef
  • HOSPITALITY: Vacation Sales Counselor
  • LOANS: Call Center
  • LOANS: Collections
  • LOANS: Customer Service
  • Machine Operator
  • Medical & Law School
  • PAYMENT SOLUTIONS: Customer Service
  • PAYMENT SOLUTIONS: Production Operator II
  • PAYMENT SOLUTIONS: Team Lead - Manufacturing
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Retail Photographer
  • RETAIL:  Store Stock
  • RETAIL: Asst. Manager
  • RETAIL: Asst. Store Managers
  • RETAIL: Customer Service Associate
  • RETAIL: Department Supervisors
  • RETAIL: Sales Associates
  • RETAIL: Store Management
  • RETAIL: Store Supervisor
  • RETAIL: Supervisors
  • Sales
  • Technical Support Representative
  • TRAVEL: Customer Service
  • TRAVEL: Greeters
  • Warehouse General Laborer


  • Assistant Beverage Manager-Beverage Admin-Santa Fe-FT
  • Assistant Director of Maintenance- Maintenance- Red Rock- FT
  • Assistant Housekeeper- Housekeeping- Red Rock- FT
  • Assistant Relief Room Manager-Food Admin-Santa Fe-FT
  • Assistant Room Chef- Buffet- Texas- FT
  • Assistant Room Chef-Buffet-Palace-FT
  • Assistant Room Chef-Food Administration-Santa Fe-FT
  • Assistant Room Manager- Steakhouse- Red Rock- FT
  • Assistant Room Manager-Cafe-Santa Fe-FT
  • Assistant Supervisor- Count Team- Texas- FT
  • Asst. Food Server- Steakhouse- Red Rock- OC
  • Baker II- Bakery - Red Rock- OC
  • Banquet Porter-Catering- Red Rock- OC
  • Banquet Porter-Catering-Palace-OC
  • Bar/Beverage Porter- Beverage- Red Rock- OC
  • Bartender- Bars- Texas- OC
  • Bartender-Bars-Santa Fe-OC
  • Bartender-Beverage-Palace-OC
  • Bell Person- Guest Services - Red Rock- OC
  • Beverage Porter-Pool Grill-Red Rock- SEASONAL/TEMP
  • Beverage Server- Bars- Texas- OC
  • Beverage Server- Beverage- Red Rock- OC
  • Beverage Server- Race & Sports- Red Rock- TEMP
  • Beverage Server-Beverage-Palace-FT
  • Beverage Server-Beverage-Palace-OC
  • Bike Officer- Security- Texas- FT
  • Bingo Agent-Bingo-Palace-OC
  • Bingo Shift Supervisor- Bingo- Texas- FT
  • Bowling Representative- Bowling- Red Rock- OC
  • Buffet Cook's Helper- Red Rock-OC
  • Bus Person- Cafe- Texas- OC
  • Bus Person-Cafe-Red Rock-OC
  • Bus Person-Cafe-Santa Fe-OC
  • Cage Cashier- Front Line- Cage- Red Rock- OC
  • Cage Cashier- Front Line- Cage- Red Rock- PT
  • Cage Cashier-Front Line Plus 1-Cage-Palace-OC
  • Cage Cashier-Front Line Plus 1-Santa Fe-OC
  • Cage Cashier-Level 2- Cage- Red Rock- FT
  • Casino Host-Slot Marketing-Santa Fe-FT
  • Central Reservations Agent- Central Reservations- Texas- OC
  • Clerk/Cashier-Gift Shop-Palace-OC
  • Clerk/Cashier-Gift Shop-Red Rock- OC
  • Clerk/Cashier-Gift Shop-Red Rock- PT
  • Clerk/Cashier-Plunge (Pool) Gift Shop -Red Rock- Temp
  • Concession Worker- Bowling Snack Bar- Texas- OC
  • Concession Worker- Gridiron Grill- Red Rock- OC
  • Concession Worker- Gridiron Grill- Red Rock- PT
  • Concession Worker- Oyster Bar- Palace- OC
  • Concession Worker-Bowling Snack Bar-Santa Fe-OC
  • Concession Worker-Bowling Snack Bar-Santa Fe-TEMP
  • Concession Worker-Italian-Palace-FT
  • Cook- Buffet- Texas- OC
  • Cook- Cafe - Texas- OC
  • Cook- Catering- (Banquet) Red Rock- OC
  • Cook- Catering- Texas- OC
  • Cook- Food & Beverage- Red Rock- OC
  • Cook- Food Admin (Steady Extra)- Red Rock- OC
  • Cook- Team Dining Room - Red Rock- PT-
  • Cook-Buffet-Palace-OC
  • Cook-Buffet-Santa Fe-OC
  • Cook-Catering-Santa Fe-OC
  • Cook-Main Kitchen-Palace-OC
  • Cook-Pool Food- Red Rock- SEASONAL/TEMP
  • Cook-Steakhouse-Palace-OC
  • Count Team Attendant- Count Team- Red Rock- OC
  • Count Team Attendant- Count Team- Red Rock- PT
  • Count Team Attendant- Count Team- Texas- OC
  • Count Team Attendant-Count Team-Palace-FT
  • Counter Attendant (Barista) - Starbucks- Red Rock- OC
  • Counter Attendant (Barista)- Starbucks- Texas- OC
  • Dealer - Table Games - Texas - OC
  • Dealer- Table Games- Red Rock- OC
  • Dealer-Baccarat & Craps-Table Games-Palace-OC
  • Dealer-Table Games-Santa Fe-OC
  • Director of Beverage- Red Rock- FT
  • Director of Hotel Operations-Hotel-Palace-FT
  • Director of Marketing- Slot Marketing- Texas- FT
  • Director of Marketing-Marketing-Palace-FT
  • Director of Sales-Sales-Palace-FT
  • Electrician-Maintenance-Red Rock-FT
  • Entertainment Technician-Entertainment-Santa Fe-OC
  • Executive Meeting Manager- Catering/Sales- Red Rock- FT
  • Facilities Director- Maintenance- Red Rock- FT
  • Floor Supervisor-Table Games-Palace-FT
  • Floor Supervisor-Table Games-Santa Fe-FT
  • Food Server- Buffet- Texas- OC
  • Food Server- Buffet-Red Rock- OC
  • Food Server- Room Service- Red Rock- OC
  • Food Server-Buffet-Palace-OC
  • Food Server-Cafe-Palace-OC
  • Food Server-Room Service-Palace-OC
  • Front Desk Clerk-Hotel-Palace-OC
  • General Engineer-Maintenance-Santa Fe-FT
  • Gift Shop Manager- Red Rock- FT
  • Gourmet Room Manager-Steakhouse- Red Rock- FT
  • Guest Room Attendant- Housekeeping- Texas- OC
  • Guest Room Attendant-Housekeeping-Palace-OC
  • Guest Service Ambassador- Slots- Red Rock- OC
  • Guest Service Ambassador-Slots-Palace-OC
  • Guest Service Ambassador-Slots-Santa Fe-OC
  • Hostperson/ Cashier- Buffet- Red Rock - OC
  • Hostperson/ Cashier- Buffet- Texas- OC
  • Hostperson/Cashier-Cafe-Red Rock-OC
  • House Person-Houseperson-Palace-OC
  • Ice Cream Concession Worker- Ben & Jerry's- Red Rock- OC
  • Internal Maintenance Supervisor- Red Rock- FT
  • Inventory Control Supervisor- Accounting- Texas- FT
  • Junior Engineer- Maintenance- Red Rock- FT
  • Keno Writer- Keno- Red Rock- OC
  • Keno Writer-Keno-Santa Fe-OC
  • Kitchen Runner-Catering-Red Rock- OC
  • Kitchen Worker- Sanitation- Red Rock- OC
  • Kitchen Worker- Sanitation- Texas- OC
  • Kitchen Worker-Catering- Red Rock- OC
  • Kitchen Worker-Sanitation-Palace-OC
  • Kitchen Worker-Sanitation-Santa Fe-FT-INTERNAL
  • Kitchen Worker-Sanitation-Santa Fe-OC
  • Lifeguard- Pool Grill- Red Rock- SEASONAL/TEMP
  • Lifeguard-Pool Operations-Palace-FT-TEMP
  • Limo Driver Transportation- Red Rock- OC
  • Locksmith- Maintenance- Texas- FT
  • Maintenance Supervisor-Maintenance-Palace-FT
  • Pantry- Catering- Red Rock- OC
  • Pantry-Garde Manager-Palace-OC
  • Poker Cashier- Red Rock- OC
  • Poker Dealer-Poker-Palace-OC
  • Pool Ambassador- Pool Grill- Red Rock-SEASONAL/TEMP
  • Porter - Internal Maintenance-Red Rock- OC
  • Porter - Internal Maintenance-Red Rock- TEMP
  • Porter- Internal Maintenance- Texas- OC
  • Porter-Internal Maintenance-Santa Fe-OC
  • Promotions Clerk- Promotions- Texas- OC
  • Promotions Clerk-Promotions-Palace-OC
  • R & S Writer- Racebook- Red Rock- PT
  • R & S Writer- Sportsbook- Texas- OC
  • R & S Writer-Sportsbook-Palace-OC
  • R & S Writer-Sportsbook-Santa Fe-OC
  • Resort Guest Room Attendant-Housekeeping-Red Rock-OC
  • Resort House Person- Housekeeping- Red Rock- OC
  • Risk Coordinator- Security- Red Rock- FT
  • Room Manager-Buffet-Palace-FT
  • Room Runner-Buffet-Palace-OC
  • Room Runner-Buffet-Palace-PT
  • Room Service Captain- Room Service- Red Rock- OC
  • Sales Coordinator- Sales- Red Rock- FT
  • Sanitation Supervisor- Sanitation- Texas- FT
  • Security Bike Officer- Red Rock- FT
  • Security Bike Officer- Red Rock- PT
  • Security Officer- Security- Red Rock- FT
  • Security Officer- Security- Red Rock- OC
  • Security Officer- Security- Texas- PT
  • Security Officer-Security-Palace-FT
  • Security Officer-Security-Palace-PT
  • Security Supervisor- Security- Texas- FT
  • Service Bartender-Beverage Bars- Red Rock- OC
  • Slot Casino Host - Slot Marketing- Red Rock- FT
  • Slot Marketing Representative- Slot Marketing- Red Rock- OC
  • Slot Technician-Slots-Palace-FT
  • Sous Chef- Buffet- Texas- FT
  • Sous Chef- Team Dining Room- Red Rock- FT
  • Sous Chef-Cafe-Palace-FT
  • Specialty Room Chef- Catering- Red Rock- FT
  • Specialty Room Manager- Barbeque- Texas- FT
  • Sprinter- Pool Food- Red Rock-SEASONAL/TEMP
  • Sprinter- Steakhouse- Red Rock- OC
  • Sprinter-Cafe-Santa Fe-PT
  • Sprinter-Steakhouse-Santa Fe-PT
  • Status Board Operator- Housekeeping- Red Rock- OC
  • Stove Person-Sanitation-Santa Fe-FT
  • Table Games Shift Manager- Red Rock- FT
  • Valet Attendant - Front- Valet- Red Rock- OC
  • Valet Attendant - Hotel- Texas- OC
  • Valet Attendant-Front-Valet-Palace-OC
  • VIP Attendant (Beverage Server) - Pool Grill- Red Rock- SEASONAL/TEMP
  • VIP Attendant (Beverage Server)- Beverage- Red Rock- OC
  • VIP Attendant-Pool Beverage-Palace-FT-TEMP
  • Warehouse Manager-Warehouse-Palace-FT


What to expect...

You'll meet face-to-face with hiring decision-makers from some of the areas top employers. Dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes, because they're here to hire.

Walk in and start interviewing, it's that simple. Save time, money and effort interviewing with multiple companies in one day at one location. Many of these companies have several openings and are eager to meet with you. You're no longer just a piece of paper. Attend the career fair and get infront of decision makers.

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